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Author Denis Hayes is a prolific writer of children’s books. It is his wish to introduce young readers to a fantasy world of wacky creatures, fun fish and weird ghosts.


He reveals six of his works for you to leaf through at your leisure.


Do other superior beings really exist outside of Earth? Of course, they do! In this fascinating series, you will discover that they are very active all over the Universe—but not always in a serious way.

Find more about them in Silly Alien Stories for Bigger Kids, Silly Alien Space War Stories for Bigger Kids and Silly Alien Time Travel Stories for really Big Kids.


Can such things really happen to animals? Of course they can and of course they do! Find out how in Silly Animal Stories for Kids.


Does living in the sea stop these creatures from living the wild life? Of course not! Learn more in Silly Fishy Stories for Kids.


The Ghosts that haunt Highfields Tower are spooky, wild and fearsome but very entertaining. In fact that is their job – to scare and entertain the visitors. Ride the thrill in Silly Ghost Stories for Kids.


Let yourself be entertained and whisked away in a whole new world of fun and adventures with this collection of enthralling tales!